We love that you’re fans of our work and if you wish to use our images to promote your business, brand or product you will need to purchase an image licence or join our referral program.

* The following information applies to vendors/suppliers, journalists, blogs, editors and magazines.

Commercial Use & Copyright

If the image use is for the benefit of your business, e.g  Will the images be used on your website, social media or use in a sponsored post? If it’s for business and not private use, then the intended use is commercial.

For more information, see www.copyright.com.au and www.copyright.org.au.

Referral Program

We love working with other industry professionals that see the value in beautiful images for their business. We do have a Referral Program set up with vendors that recommend us to clients that go ahead and book. If we receive a referral from you and they book us, we will then provide you with a gift card so you can download images from that wedding at no charge to use across your web and social marketing. If you wish to join our referral program and start an ongoing relationship that will benefit both our brands, please email hello@erinandtara.com.au to apply.


A license is an agreement between you and Erin & Tara (the photographer) as to the usage rights that have been granted for particular image/s. It might help if you think of the license as a lease and the usage rights as the terms of that lease. When images are requested from a commercial client, the photographer is not selling their images to you, but rather, renting. Issuing a license allows you to “rent” images for the specific needs of your business. Our license fee covers file management (image curation, optimisation and storage) as well as client approval administration.

Our gallery includes a carefully curated gallery of images that are available for vendors to download at the following rates:

- Low resolution images for web/social use are $20.00 Per Image

- High resolution images for print use are $240.00 Per Image

To purchase any of our images please visit our COMMERCIAL IMAGE STORE

If you would like images from an event/wedding to be added to the gallery please complete the following image request form below;

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